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EncroChat arrests - we can help

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It is being reported that law enforcement agencies in a number of countries have gained access to what was dubbed the world’s most secure communications network.  The EncroChat system provided high-level encryption that was almost impossible to crack and meant that communications could not be intercepted.  It was commonly operated on Aquarius devices that were themselves encrypted and offered a facility whereby all of the data could be erased at speed in the event of an emergency.  

It is not an offence to use encrypted communications.  Every communication between a mobile phone banking app and the bank servers is encrypted for very good reason.  WhatsApp is encrypted.  It is not an offence to have an Aquarius phone or similar or to use encryption because you are concerned about your privacy.  

On 2nd July, the National Crime Agency and officers from every police force in the United Kingdom coordinated with law enforcement around the world to make a large number of arrests.  It is being reported that those arrests arose out of the access that had been gained to the EncroChat network.  

The fact of an arrest does not mean a person is guilty.  Many people who are prosecuted each year are, in fact, not guilty and are acquitted.

If you were caught up in the arrests that took place or if you are concerned about your position, or worried about the reports in the media about EncroChat, then it is important that you receive expert advice from the very earliest stage.  Lawyers from JD Spicer Zeb have an unrivalled track record in representing people accused of the most serious offences.  The right approach, taken early on, can make the difference between conviction and acquittal.

Our solicitors and barristers have excellent recent experience of dealing with very serious allegations. We always use the best barristers for your case. We have good links with the most senior barristers in criminal law. We have represented clients accused of the most serious cases in criminal courts. Having an experienced team on your side will make a difference to the outcome of your case. The partners of this firm have many years of experience in dealing with serious and complex cases. We are able to dedicate a specialist team to your case. We also work with leading forensic experts to go through the prosecution case. We have substantial experience of working on NCA, HMRC, CPS prosecutions. We also act in extradition cases and have conducted high profile cases.

The prosecution will be investigating Encrochat used in conspiracies. A Criminal Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a particular crime. The law is that if you make such an agreement, intending that it be carried out, then you and everyone you agreed with are guilty of the crime you agreed to carry out. Those involved in the alleged conspiracy can have particular roles. For example, in a drugs conspiracy you would have drugs runners, couriers, managers and others. To be guilty, you need to have agreed to play some part in carrying out what was intended.

 We have dealt with a wide range of drug related offences such as:

  • Possession of drugs
  • Possession with intent to supply drugs
  • Being concerned in the supply of drugs
  • Conspiracy to supply drugs
  • Cultivation of drugs
  • Production of a controlled drug
  • Importation of drugs
  • Permitting premises to be used for drugs
  • And related offences such as abstracting electricity, money laundering and any ensuing confiscation proceedings.

We can also help with a wide range of conspiracies including conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to steal ,conspiracy to rob, conspiracy to defraud.

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So, whether you are being accused of being part of a conspiracy, have been arrested, charged or released on bail or under investigation, it is important that you get in touch with our specialist conspiracy defence solicitors as soon as possible.

Contact us for expert advice. We can provide initial free advice to you. where necessary we can obtain a barristers advice at the outset about your case.

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