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R v DK Inner London Crown Court - 2019 - armed robbery at knife point - not guilty

The Defendant was charged with an armed robbery at knife point.

He pleaded guilty to these charges with another firm of solicitors but contacted JD Spicer Zeb as he believed that he had entered these pleas under duress. An application was made to the Court and our client’s guilty pleas were successfully reopened after application by Vida Simpeh of 25 Bedford Row. JD Spicer Zeb had obtained the police report and a witness statement in support of our client’s claim of duress.

The case then went trial and our client was unanimously acquitted by the Jury. JD Spicer Zeb had recovered evidence from our client’s Snapchat account which showed the complaint after the alleged robbery. This was used as evidence to show that he had been fabricating his evidence.

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