Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart

Crime Solicitor

Andrew is an experienced Solicitor whose practice encompasses advising and representing clients under investigation or charged with serious, complex and often high profile crimes. He has significant experience in complex fraud and financial crime and acts in cases of serious fraud, money laundering, bribery and other white collar crimes.

These cases often involve multiple jurisdictions and different prosecuting agencies such as the Serious Fraud Office, Financial Conduct Authority, Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise, National Crime Agency and Department of Business Skill and Innovations.

He also deals with cases in general crime with multiple defendants such as murder, drug and firearms conspiracies or sexual offences.

Andrew has considerable experience in dealing with cases relating to Proceeds Crime Act 2002 such as confiscation, forfeiture and restraint proceedings.

He is able to represent clients from the very beginning of an investigation right up to trial and pays particular attention to providing support and advice to clients who find themselves in what are often stressful and long running cases. He has built up a reputation for his excellent client care skills and is often praised for the level of dedication and personal attention he gives to all his clients, most of whom are facing lengthy sentences if found guilty and face long periods of uncertainty between their initial arrest right through to the case’s conclusion.

Andrew has developed significant professional ties with leading Barrister’s sets and is able to call upon experienced and outstanding Counsel to represent his clients.

He is a fully qualified duty solicitor and is extremely experienced in both court and police station surroundings.

Notable cases:

  • R v W - represented a defendant charged with the murder of a vulnerable woman. The defendant was acquitted whilst the co defendant in the case was found guilty and received a life sentence of 22 years.
  • R v D - represented a defendant charged with possession of intent to supply heroin with a street value of £1 million and facing 14 years imprisonment if convicted. He was acquitted after trial. His two co defendants had pleaded guilty prior to trial.
  • R v P – represented a defendant in what was believed to be the largest ever Ponzi scheme fraud in the country valued at £115 million. The Defendant was acquitted of all dishonesty offences and was only convicted of one regulatory offence.
  • R v M – represented the only defendant to be acquitted in a conspiracy to defraud case involving a complex carbon credit fraud and multiple defendants.
  • R v R – represented the only defendant to be acquitted in a case of multiple defendants accused of running a firearms factory in London.
  • R v H – represented one of only two defendants to be acquitted of a large scale conspiracy drugs case involving 15 defendants. The conspiracy was said to have been masterminded from inside prison.
  • Operation Hayrick – Represented defendant in multi handed MTIC Fraud valued at £35 million. The defendant eventually received a suspended sentence which was believed to be one of the few instances where such a sentence was passed in these types of cases.
  • R v D – a prosecution by the Serious Fraud Office at Liverpool Crown Court involving the financing of a gold processing plant in the US that was alleged to have been an enormous Ponzi scheme that defrauded a large number of UK investors out of millions of pounds.
  • R v K – Represented a female accused of smuggling Indian Nationals into the UK disguised as musicians. The Defendant had originally been exposed by the Fake Sheik Mazhar Mahmood of the News of the World. This was a VHCC case where he was given special dispensation to be a VHCC supervisor despite being only a grade B fee earner at that stage.
  • R v P – Represented Defendant in a prosecution by the City of London Police that related to a website on the dark web, selling fake documents and other items to other criminals. The prosecution involved police forces in Spain, Hong Kong, Holland and the US.