Pretesh Chauhan

Pretesh Chauhan

Partner Crime Birmingham

Pretesh qualified as a solicitor in 2004 and joined JD Spicer Zeb In 2010. He became a partner of the firm in 2017.

For almost 20 years, Pretesh has been involved in advising and representing defendants under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Services Authority (now Financial Conduct Authority), HM Customs & Excise (now merged into HM Revenue & Customs), and various police forces around the country. His particular area of expertise is preparing large, complex and high profile cases.

Pretesh has broad and extensive experience in complex and serious crime, defending a range of offences including fraud and business crime, homicide, sexual offences, drug trafficking and various degrees of assault. He has significant experience of advising suspects in the police station, representing clients in the Magistrates’ & Crown Court and also advises post-conviction/sentence on potential grounds and merits of appeal.

Pretesh is a Higher Courts Advocate.

Notable cases:

  • R v ND - Trial concerning a large-scale high value international carousel fraud. ND was one of eight Defendants and the only one who was acquitted of all charges.
  • R v RK – A case where Pretesh represented a female Defendant charged with the murder of her husband. Whilst unlawful killing was not disputed, there was background history of serious domestic abuse. The jury were persuaded that RK should be convicted of manslaughter as opposed to murder.
  • R v MK – MK was charged with conspiracy to supply firearms. He was one of 12 Defendants in a conspiracy which was described by the Crown as being responsible for the commercial distribution of 50-60% of the illegal firearms in the U.K. at that time.