Sue Caloe

Sue Caloe

Senior Case Worker

In late 2012 Sue began to work with the partners at JD Spicer Zeb to open and establish what is now, our very successful Manchester office.

Sue is an Accredited Police Station Advisor and Senior Crown Court Case Worker with 40 years experience. She regularly received positive feedback and recommendations by former clients.

Sue is available to attend police station interviews and regularly works unsocial hours. The police station stage is such an important part of any criminal investigation and Sue has a pro-active approach that very often results in a positive outcome. She also has a very good understanding of how the handling of this stage can impact on what happens should the case go to court and clients can be assured that their best interests are being met.

Sue has conduct of a wide range of cases including general crime; complex and serious fraud; sexual offences, including rape, sexual assault and historic offences; murder and manslaughter; armed robbery; drugs, including conspiracy to import class A drugs.

Notable cases:

  • R v D (Manchester Crown 1998) youth charged with murder.
  • R v W (Stoke Crown 1995) defendant charged with possessing indecent images. Statutory defence of legitimate reason.
  • R v A (Manchester Crown 1997) defendant charged with murder, however during trial accepted plea to manslaughter.
  • R v H (Manchester Crown) defendant charged with murder of drug dealer. Indictment stayed due to medical conditions of defendant.
  • R v S (Bolton Crown) historic allegations of rape, sexual assault. After jury discharged twice, third trial led to a hung jury.
  • R v M (Birmingham Crown 1997) Solicitor charged with conspiracy to defraud – acquitted
  • R v D (Minshull Street Crown) Mortgage broker charged with conspiracy to counterfeit on a massive scale (4.5 million US $) Prosecution arose out of separate investigations by the BBC (Funny money) and The NCS.
  • R v D (Liverpool Crown) after above case dropped further charges with different co-defendants (again 4.5 million sterling) – acquitted
  • R v A (Liverpool Crown) Large scale money laundering operation
  • R v O (Southwark Crown) 5 million pound conspiracy to defraud and transfer criminal property to off shore accounts in Panama /Guatamala
  • R v M (Nottingham Crown) Conspiracy to defraud, netted organised crime group in the region of £9.3 million. Involving monies circulated around bank accounts in Cyprus, Hong Kong, Thailand and USA.
  • R v S (Manchester Crown) Conspiracy to defraud, involving unfair commercial practice contrary to CPUTR Regs 3 & 8 in excess of 4 million pound.
  • R v M (Southwark Crown) Operation Chainmail/Operation ~Crystallite. Represented Defendant in a thirteen handed allegation of Cheating the Revenue arising out of an alleged scheme to evade £2.25 million tax by manufacturing losses on the part of LLPs created to develop film projects. Client acquitted in the first of the sequence of trials in summer 2015, prosecution elected not to proceed in the second.


I have worked with Sue Caloe on a number of heavy and complex fraud cases. She works tirelessly on behalf of her clients and always goes the extra mile for them. She never gives up on a good point. Her tenacity and hard work has paid real dividends in achieving some great results for her clients in what have been very challenging proceedings. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue in the most heavy of fraud cases.

  • Geoff Payne, barrister at 25 Bedford Row

Since 2001, I have worked with Sue Caloe on numerous serious and complex criminal cases, including currency counterfeiting, organised crime, money laundering by professionals, complex fraud cases, serious sexual offending, complex confiscation cases and regulatory crime. Her legal knowledge and awareness of court practice and procedure are excellent. She is an incredible tactician. Her case preparation and commitment to the cases she works on are second to none. She represents her clients to the highest standards. She immediately puts all her clients at ease. She is always calm and never becomes flustered. I have no hesitation in commending Sue for any serious financial and/or organised criminal cases.

  • Christopher Tehrani Q.C., Exchange Chambers