Venky Krishnan

Venky Krishnan

Consultant Solicitor Advocate

Venky Krishnan is a respected Senior Crown Court Advocate and Duty Solicitor at the firm. Since qualifying 16 years ago, his work has encompassed the whole spectrum of criminal proceedings and he has substantial experience in representing defendants at the police station, magistrates court and crown court for a variety of criminal matters. He has also successfully represented clients in the Court of Appeal on several occasions.

He has successfully represented clients (some high profile) in matters of terrorism, murder, manslaughter, serious violent crime, fraud, blackmail, arson, kidnap, gun crime, serious drug matters, conspiracy cases, sexual offences and multi-handed cases. He offers legal advice, representation, Court advocacy to both lay and professional clients.

Venky is well known for his courteous and professional manner and is described as a calm, intelligent, and incisive advocate.

Venky previously worked as a regulatory lawyer and is able to provide legal advice and representation in this field particularly in the area of local government.