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No further action - Money laundering - 2021

  • Posted

We acted for a businessman accused of money laundering. Our Fraud specialist team lawyers advised our client in advance of the police station attendance. We arranged a voluntary attendance at the police station with the specialist police team to avoid our...

What are the legal risks of using the dark web?

  • Posted

The dark web is often used for illegal criminal activity, which is why it is important to clarify exactly what it is and what the potential risks are for anyone using it. In this post, we outline the law regarding the use of the dark web, how it is used for...

What happens when you get caught with cocaine?

  • Posted

If you are caught in possession of cocaine, it is important to understand what actions the police may take and what sort of charges could be levelled against you. Being found guilty of possession of cocaine is a serious offence in itself, but the...

EncroChat arrests - we can help

  • Posted

It is being reported that law enforcement agencies in a number of countries have gained access to what was dubbed the world’s most secure communications network.  The EncroChat system provided high-level encryption that was almost impossible to...

Knife Crime Prevention Orders - Government promises new measures to tackle knife crime

  • Posted

The new Conservative government has announced plans to crack down on knife crime, with the Queen’s speech setting out their goal to “ensure those charged with knife possession face swift justice”. While the government has not yet gone...

Dealing with a search by Police or Revenue and Customs Officers

  • Posted

The knock at the door at 6am is one of the things that can inspire the most dread in people.  It is rarely, if ever, a good sign.  When the door is eventually opened to a group of people in uniform, one of whom is brandishing pieces of paper marked...

Cash Forfeiture - A General Guide

  • Posted

Law enforcement officers can sometimes seize cash either when it is being moved around, or during a search – even a search of your home. They will take it if they have reasonable grounds for suspecting it is recoverable property. Recoverable property...

Conviction quashed in causing death whilst driving uninsured case

  • Posted

Causing death whilst driving uninsured, unlicensed or disqualified, an offence under section 3ZB of the Road Traffic Act 1988, is controversial. All that it requires is for the presence of an uninsured, unlicensed or disqualified driver on the road to cause...

Proposal to restrict Police bail

  • Posted

The Law society made a freedom of information request and found out that there are more than 57,000 people currently on police bail awaiting a decision as to what action, if any, will be taken against them. Also the data shown was only taken from 34 of the...