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Is it illegal to protest for or against the Gaza conflict?

Issues have recently arisen over what defines ‘peaceful’ protest after there was a spark in demonstrations relating to the current Gaza conflict, and this has led to complications in establishing the boundaries between freedom of speech and...

Far Right Extremism - What charges can be brought?

Have you been accused of far-right extremism (ERWT) or terrorism? JD Spicer Zeb Solicitors  can advise. We understand that criminal proceedings can have a devastating impact on the lives of defendants and their families. Our team of expert solicitors...

Cuckooing Crackdown: Home Secretary's Strategy

Home Secretary James Cleverly has announced plans to introduce a new standalone offence which intends to crack down on the act of cuckooing. We explain what cuckooing is and what changes are due to be implemented in the following article. While we hope...

Paedophile Hunters and the Law

Despite a general rise in awareness of paedophile hunters and the way they operate, there remains some confusion surrounding the law and what could happen if someone is subject to an accusation from a paedophile hunter. We discuss the law surrounding...

Police Powers of Seizure Guide

Most people are aware that the police have certain powers to seize belongings as part of an investigation. However, not everyone is aware of what these powers actually involve and when the police are allowed to exercise them. We discuss police powers of...

What are the theft sentencing guidelines?

Theft is defined in section 1 of the Theft Act 1968 as the “dishonest appropriation of property belonging to another with the intention to permanently deprive the other of it”. In more simple terms, theft involves the taking of someone...

What is an indictable offence?

If you are due to appear at court for a criminal offence, the process that will be followed and the type of court you appear at will depend on whether the offence is considered ‘indictable only’, ‘summary only’, or ‘either...

Sentence for Harassment Without Violence

Harassment without violence is a serious criminal offence. As such, it is important to understand the harassment without violence sentencing guidelines if you are facing a charge. Here, we explain the acts that amount to harassment without violence, what...

What are the common assault sentencing guidelines?

Whilst common assault is the least serious form of assault, it is not an offence that will always be treated lightly. Indeed, in some cases, a conviction for common assault can lead to terms of imprisonment. If you are facing an accusation of common...

ABH vs GBH: Which offence is more serious?

ABH and GBH are two very serious offences. However, there are important distinctions between the two which are reflected in the severity of the potential sentences that can be handed out to anyone convicted. Given the similarities between the two offences,...
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