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Dealing with a search by Police or Revenue and Customs Officers

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The knock at the door at 6am is one of the things that can inspire the most dread in people.  It is rarely, if ever, a good sign.  When the door is eventually opened to a group of people in uniform, one of whom is brandishing pieces of paper marked...

Cash Forfeiture - A General Guide

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Law enforcement officers can sometimes seize cash either when it is being moved around, or during a search – even a search of your home. They will take it if they have reasonable grounds for suspecting it is recoverable property. Recoverable property...

Conviction quashed in causing death whilst driving uninsured case

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Causing death whilst driving uninsured, unlicensed or disqualified, an offence under section 3ZB of the Road Traffic Act 1988, is controversial. All that it requires is for the presence of an uninsured, unlicensed or disqualified driver on the road to cause...

Proposal to restrict Police bail

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The Law society made a freedom of information request and found out that there are more than 57,000 people currently on police bail awaiting a decision as to what action, if any, will be taken against them. Also the data shown was only taken from 34 of the...