Premium Private Fee Service - Criminal Defence

If you are seeking an enhanced private service to give you the best chance of obtaining a successful outcome, then please email our Senior Partner Umar Zeb at this link or contact us.

There is no support for those falsely accused of crimes from the authorities. Your only recourse is having the best legal team to advise you. We will respond to you rapidly. Where you have not been interviewed we will advise you in advance at a private meeting whether to answer police questions or to answer no comment. Can bad advice or an inexperienced lawyer damage your case? Yes, there is a good chance that this can! We will meet with you discretely and can meet out of hours or weekend, at our office, virtually or your choice of location by agreement. An expert witness can be engaged by us to give a defence opinion on an issue that is outside the police or court’s expertise. Experts can be instructed to assist the police or court in understanding your technical defence which might be financial, medical, scientific or professional.

In sensitive cases, Umar Zeb and our team have substantial experience in building your case with proactive work. We continue to achieve almost daily conclusions of cases prior to arrest and charge by making written and oral representations to prosecution authorities, such as the CPS and Police. The government has recently stated that particularly in domestic, rape, and sexual offences, they will push to achieve higher convictions. As an established firm with teams, we can allocate a whole team to you if necessary to minimise damage.This service is of particular benefit in sensitive allegations, relationship breakdowns, allegations of harassment, assault and violence. This may also benefit you in a wide range of other offences including those related to drugs,alcohol or mental health-related offending. 

Where possible, we establish that there is insufficient evidence for you to be charged and/or that a prosecution should not proceed in the public interest. We build detailed, strong legal submissions and a ‘no stone unturned’ defence to your pre-charge case.

Our team can help in routine cases where suitable on a Fixed fee basis from £500 plus VAT and provide initial advice for up to 2 hours. More complicated cases or substantial work will attract higher fees. If you have been accused of a criminal offence, either professionally or personally, it is imperative to deal with problems that will arise rapidly. In many cases, we can do proactive work on your behalf. Many small firms or duty solicitors do not have the time or support staff to see you at short notice, to return calls, or to proactive work in advance. Few, if any firms, can beat us on response times to your inquiry. We can investigate your case as far as possible, if the police are not doing this or you require an independent investigation and preparation. We have strong resources and experienced teams.

How proactive work helps you -

Our team of Senior Crime Lawyers can help you or your family. We act for clients from all walks of life including professionals and businesses. Our team are recognised as leading and excellent proactive criminal lawyers. We will give you access to a Senior Crime Partner on the same day if required, including out of hours. Senior Partners and Lawyers have experience in thousands of cases and the best experience and professional contacts that you will inevitably benefit from. We can assure you peace of mind and access to leading lawyers.

We specialise in ensuring the Police and prosecution provide the fullest disclosure to ensure our clients are fully aware of the case they face and do not come across surprises down the line. This also ensures the case can be proven and we are certain there is evidence the Police or prosecution can proceed with to get a case off the ground.

As part of our service we can, in appropriate cases, secure the best possible results by plea bargains. 


"JD Spicer Zeb demonstrated a clear commitment to client service through their work with vulnerable and diverse individuals in what can be severely traumatic circumstances".

We can advise you on whether we should commence proactive work on your behalf and engage professional support such as experts and barristers. We will where necessary decide whether we can invite the Police or prosecuting agency to not pursue or drop investigations.We can do this if there is little or no evidence and or it is not in the public interest to prosecute you. We can also where appropriate seek out of court disposals such as cautions or community resolutions.

We are experts at making successful written representations and legal arguments to the Police and prosecution as part of our robust proactive work. See our website for actual success after stuccoes.

 If you require the best private premium fee service to secure the best possible outcome, please read below. Our lawyers fight for justice on a daily basis and have a proven track record. It may be possible to speak to the most senior lawyer or partner on the same day. Simply put, this could make a difference to the outcome of your case. If you require the opinion of a specialist experienced barrister or QC, we can also arrange this. We have strong links with some of the best barristers and QCs' in the UK. If you require Legal Aid funding, please get in touch on the contact form or call us. Read below a small sample of the hundreds of successful cases we have done yearly. We have been doing this for 45 years!

Legal aid is available for the Police Station attendance, this scheme does not extend to:

  • Meetings with you prior to attending the Police Station
  • Proactive work to assist your case
  • Meeting with you after attending the Police Station privately with us at our office or virtually 24 hours a day
  • Other preparation work and proactive work for you to try to get the case dropped
  • Advising your parents or partner in full meetings after we advise you (provided you consent)

Some clients prefer a service whereby we discuss the case well in advance or after the Police Station attendance with them and away from the Police Station in a private and confidential meeting. This is, as referred to above, on a private fee basis. This is with an expert, for example as in the medical profession where you see a consultant rather than a GP.

Why should you consider premium service for the Police Station stage?

  • You can consult the Senior Crime Partners and lawyers of this firm directly same day including out of hours
  • Help from a specialist and pro-active Lawyer can lead to the right outcome for you
  • You are more likely to obtain the outcome you seek
  • You will receive the highest level of client care possible from your case team lawyers including out of hours
  • We can offer affordable and fixed fee solutions to most cases
  • We defend you at any Police Station or court in England or Wales
  • You are able to instruct this firm with an excellent track record and high independent client reviews
  • We aim to get the case dropped early in proceedings
  • We fight for your innocence and are trained to undertake proactive steps to win  your case
  • If the case is likely to have serious consequences for you now or in the future and you have the means to pay for this service
  • If you wish to maximise the prospects of a successful outcome to your case
  • We won the Law society Excellence Award 2020 for Excellence in Client Service
  • If you wish to instruct a firm with over 45 years of experience in the most serious and complex national-level cases regularly attracting widespread media interest
  • In private cases, we can also guarantee the attendance of the most senior and experienced solicitor available to attend the Police Station with you (including virtual attendances)
  • These lawyers are not always available and to arrange for them to act for you, we are able to do so privately and not on legal aid. Fees for such work can be agreed in advance
  • We are a well-known firm of solicitors not just operating online but with long-standing offices
  • Engaging a lawyer to advise in-depth early can make a huge difference

What can we do through private funding?

  • Arrange an advance private meeting with you before the Police Station and cover your case at the Police Station privately, including out of hours and on weekends if you wish
  • Advise you and your family, if you consent
  • Make contact with the Police on your behalf
  • Assist in interviewing witnesses on your behalf or write to the Police and request a review and discontinuance of the case or seek an out-of-court disposal, caution or outcome
  • Engage specialist experts if advised, such as doctors or forensic experts
  • Provide a second opinion if you had a duty solicitor or other lawyer and we can obtain your notes
  • Engage a specialist barrister in complex cases
  • Arrange the transfer of your case to us from a previous solicitor

Our fee guide for the Police Station stage advance meetings and proactive work for you 

Preparation rates are from the rates below, these are a guide only -

  • 2 hours meeting and preparation can be undertaken by us from £500 plus VAT (suitable most cases for initial advice only)
  • 3 hours meetings and preparation can be undertaken by us from £750 plus VAT (suitable for initial work and follow up)
  • 4 hours meetings and preparation can be undertaken by us from £1,000 plus VAT
  • 5 hours meetings and preparation can be undertaken by us from £1,250 plus VAT

If the case is complicated, it will require more senior lawyers and more time, which will have an impact on fees.

We can act in many routine cases where suitable on a Fixed fee basis and provide initial advice from £500 plus VAT for up to 2 hours of work. 

Attending the Police Station

In order to attend the Police Station with you privately, we can usually agree on a fixed fee from £500 to £2,500 plus VAT depending on the location and complexity. We can meet with you before and after attendance at the Police Station. Our Lawyers are experts and can make a big difference to the outcome. 

We are always reasonable on fees and willing to agree on fair fees. We are flexible on fees as we know our clients sometimes go through difficult financial periods. If you cannot pay the full amounts, please contact us to discuss fees.

All fees currently attract 20 % VAT.

Private Court Attendance

Why consider premium service for court attendance?

  • You will receive a first-class bespoke premium service
  • You can choose a specialist advocate or barrister who may not be taking the case on legal aid as the funding is poor
  • Many clients want experts and care that a senior solicitor brings to their case
  • Where a client is of good character and a conviction would lead to serious repercussions for their career
  • You will want the benefit of their years of experience in similar cases and their undivided attention
  • To guarantee excellent service, then you may wish to consider paying privately
  • Solicitors undertaking legal aid work at court are likely to have multiple cases and can only do work that is reasonably required as this is publicly funded work
  • You will not always be able to choose the most senior solicitors/barristers or necessarily the most senior lawyers through legal aid
  • You will not be able to have repeat meetings that may not be strictly necessary through legal aid
  • You may not be able to order reports that are not fully justifiable at public expense but could make a difference to the outcome of your case through legal aid. You can also order and pay for whatever experts you require
  • If you pay a solicitor on a private basis to attend court with you then once the fee is agreed, we can do everything that you reasonably require and our professional rules allow.
  • It is likely you will receive a much more thorough service, which is especially important for complex cases
  • You can also pay for whichever solicitor or barrister you wish to represent you

Our fee guide for criminal cases private Magistrates’ court or Crown court attendance (non-motoring cases). These are intended as a guide only.

  • First appearance or routine hearings or sentence at court only depending on location, complexity from £1,000 plus VAT to £2,500 plus VAT. (Complicated legal argument hearings are not covered by this fee). The fees may be higher for Senior team members
  • You may benefit from a meeting in advance to discuss the case

Estimates for trials or other non-motoring work

We can only provide a realistic estimate once we have appeared at court and have received a meaningful indication of the Prosecution evidence. We can provide a guide only below.

  • Trial magistrate courts from £2,000 to £5,000 Plus VAT where more complicated issues arise and more work is required
  • Appeal magistrate court from £3,000 plus VAT plus additional costs to be quoted
  • Crown Court - we cannot provide an estimate until we know more about the case. A guilty plea will cost from £2,500 to £5,000 plus VAT, plus the cost of advocate for hearings and other costs for reports, experts etc.
  • Not guilty plea cases will cost from £5,000 to £20,000 plus VAT for most cases. Complicated or more serious cases requiring more work, with voluminous papers, meaning substantial preparation will require a bespoke quotation.

Hourly rates not fixed fee agreements

  • We can offer hourly rates depending on the complexity of each case. We have provided a guide below for starting rates
  • Partner from £400 per hour
  • Solicitor from £300 per hour
  • Trainee/paralegal from £250 per hour
  • Letters, calls and emails are charged at 1/10 of the hourly rate.
  • We will give you an estimate in good faith on the number of hours your case is likely to require. This estimate can be based on the entire case or by each stage of the case (pretrial, preparation and trial, sentences)

All rates will attract additional VAT at 20%.

Other charges

In addition to our charges, there may be additional costs for barristers, experts, reports, interpreters, or other associated disbursements such as photocopying, bundling etc.

Each case will require different levels of input and work. 

Legal aid

We will always advise you on legal aid eligibility if you seek this and our team will apply for public funding if you are eligible.

You are under no obligation to instruct us privately if you qualify for a legal aid service.  Our team is dedicated to providing a high quality service in all cases. For more information, click here.