Mobile Phone Driving Offences - What to Do If You Are Caught on Your Phone While Driving

Have you been accused of using your mobile phone while driving? Are you concerned about receiving a potential penalty? Our mobile phone offence solicitors are on hand to lend their expertise and provide robust representation if you are facing such an accusation.

Holding a mobile phone while driving is illegal and can carry significant penalties. Depending on your circumstances and whether there are any aggravating factors, you could face six penalty points and a £200 fine if the police decide to issue a fixed penalty notice – which could then be extended to a driving ban and a £1,000 fine if you are dealt with at the magistrates court.

Even if you do not receive a driving ban at the magistrates’ court, the court will impose six penalty points. If you already have six or more penalty points (incurred in the previous three years) you would then be liable to a disqualification for at least six months under the “totting” procedures.

It is also possible to put forward “special reasons” why the court should not impose penalty points. This can be a complicated area and therefore it would be advisable to get the advice of one of our expert solicitors.

At JD Spicer Zeb solicitors, we understand how daunting it can be to face an accusation of using a mobile phone while driving, especially as the law on mobile phones and driving is so strict. Our mobile phone driving offence solicitors are available to provide immediate support, helping you to avoid charges or, where conviction is unavoidable, minimise the penalties you receive.

Our highly qualified dangerous driving solicitors offer:

  • 24/7 legal support in person and over the phone, 365 days a year
  • Representation anywhere in England and Wales
  • Accredited Police Station Representatives to support you during a police interview
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Whether you have been accused of a driving while using a mobile phone offence, have been arrested, charged or released on bail or under investigation, get in touch with our mobile phone driving offence solicitors as soon as possible.

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Our mobile phone driving offence expertise

Defending allegations of mobile phone driving offences

Mobile phone driving laws are very clear cut. Simply put, it is illegal to hold a mobile phone or sat nav while you are driving or riding a motorcycle. Previous mobile phone laws stipulated that drivers could not use their phones for communication purposes, but this was updated to ban drivers from holding their phones for any reason. To use such a device, you must have hands-free access, such as a Bluetooth headset or a windscreen mount.

A device must also not block your view of the road or any traffic. The law regarding the use of mobile devices also applies if you are stationary at a set of traffic lights, queuing in traffic or supervising a learner driver.

Penalties for mobile phone driving offences

If you are found guilty of using your mobile phone while driving, you could receive six penalty points on your license and a fine.

The fine someone can receive for driving a smaller vehicle can be to up to £1,000, while the fine can increase to £2,500 if the driver is operating a goods vehicle that has been adapted to carry more than eight passengers.

A mobile phone driving offence, also referred to as a CU80 driving offence, could also lead to a discretionary driving ban.

If you have passed your driving test within two years of being found guilty of using a mobile phone while driving, you will lose your license.

Why choose our mobile phone driving offence solicitors?

Funding police station representation

You are always entitled to free legal representation if you have been arrested or are being interviewed under caution. This can be from a solicitor of your choosing.

Funding your legal defence if you are prosecuted

If you are charged and prosecuted for a mobile phone driving offence, you may be able to have some or all of your legal defence covered by a ‘Representation Order’. This is commonly referred to as ‘legal aid’.

The level of financial assistance you could receive and the process used will usually depend on the type of court the prosecution takes place in.

Private fees

If you wish, you can self-fund your legal representation. If this is the approach you would like to take, we can clearly explain all of the potential costs and our fee structures. Whether or not you receive legal aid funding, any contribution you make to your legal defence may be refunded if you are found not guilty.

However, you may not necessarily receive back the full amount of any fees you have paid. This is because the amount claimed is assessed by the relevant authority using rates laid down by the government for work actually and reasonably done.

Frequently asked questions about mobile phone driving offences

Can you use your phone while parked with the engine running?

The law states that a driver is permitted to hold and use a mobile phone if they are safely parked.

If you still have your engine running while parked, you are not deemed to be safely parked. This means that it is still illegal for someone to be using a phone while parked with the engine running.

How can the police prove that I was on my phone?

Of course, the first evidence that the police will use is an eye-witness account. If a police officer sees you holding or using a mobile phone, then this can be enough evidence to bring a case against you.

If the police have not seen you using your mobile phone whilst driving but have reason to believe that this has been the case (such as if you were deemed to be at fault for an accident), they may apply to search through your phone data to gather digital evidence about your usage.

Can you use handsfree while driving?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to drive while using a handsfree device whilst driving. It is important to note that handsfree access must be properly set up before you start driving so that you can receive calls without handling your mobile phone.

There have been calls to the government to ban the use of handsfree kits, with the main argument being that they carry the same risk of handheld phones, but there are currently no plans to introduce such a ban.

It is also legal to use voice commands (e.g. Siri on Apple products) or a built in sat nav.

What is the fine for using my phone while driving?

The minimum fine you can receive for using a mobile phone while driving is £200. However, this “minimum” is only in respect of a fixed penalty notice issued by the police. If you are dealt with at the magistrates court it is in the court’s discretion to decide the amount of any fine.  The maximum fine is £1,000 or £2,500 for drivers operating heavy goods vehicles.

How many penalty points will I get for using my phone while driving?

If found guilty, you will receive six penalty points for using your phone whilst driving.

Even if found guilty there may be “special reasons” advanced for not imposing penalty points. However, this can be a difficult area of law and advice from one of our specialist solicitors should be sought.

Even if you are not found to have been holding a mobile phone, you could also receive three penalty points if you do not have a full view of the road.

Is it illegal to use your phone as a sat nav?

It is not illegal to use your phone as a sat nav. However, to do so, you must have it in a secured holder.

While you are allowed to use your phone as a sat nav, in a secured holder, it is still illegal to touch it while driving, as a case could be made to suggest that this is distracting you from driving safely.

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