Will your private legal costs increase?

We will quote you for the work that we agree to undertake and set out the steps covered for you in writing.

We cannot quote for the entirety of your criminal law case from the first advice that you seek from us, through to any final appeal which can be months or years later. This is not possible, as we do not know how much work will be needed at each stage.

We can quote you for each stage of a criminal law case or multiple stages, providing initial estimates where possible.

The further the case progresses will also lead to further legal costs.

Where possible we can estimate the costs based on the work required by us for each part of the stage or the entire stage. Where possible on hourly rates; we will give you an estimate of the work. If you prefer a fixed fee, we will agree this for a stage or a certain number of hours only. If those hours are exceeded, we will agree further work.

These costs are for the solicitor’s team to prepare the case. We will quote an hourly rate or agree fixed non-refundable fees; normally for each part of the stage or the entire stage, if agreed with you expressly in writing.

Although more stages can arise increasing costs, a criminal case will generally have the following stages and work within the stage –

Where were able to we quote a fixed fee for more than one stage or the work within the stages. We will always make it clear as to what part of any work is included.

We indicate below stages 1 to 13 and work anticipated within each stage. We will quote you for the whole stage or part of that stage. You should not assume that all work in the stage is included unless we have expressly stated that such work is included.

This is just a guide only and your quote will be tailored to your case. 

Pre charge advice/ engagement work normally prior to your arrest

  • Advice you seek prior to or post investigation or arrest.
  • Advice sought in relation to liaison with the prosecution agency, such as police.
  • Further advice or meetings including preparation work.

Police station work and attendances required

  • Representation you seek at the police station or agency investigating for each visit separately.
  • Return visits to the police station.
  • Advice you seek in relation to dropping the case against you pre charge and representations in writing.
  • Further advice or meetings including preparation.

Court stage

  • If charged advice prior to court.
  • Representation at your first court hearing.
  • Adjourned hearings relating to your case.
  • Representation at an adjourned sentencing hearing if you are pleading. Guilty. Cases are adjourned for further information or reports to assist the court with sentencing decisions.
  • Representation following a guilty plea to determine facts affecting sentence known as a newton hearing.

Trial stage

  • Representation at interim hearings to deal with the case management or disclosure.
  • Trial and preparation for this.
  • Sentencing post-trial.

Breach of bail

  • If you breach your bail and you are arrested, then our further costs are not covered by fixed fee agreements.

Bail variations

  • We do not know how often you will seek to vary onerous bail conditions and any application to alter will not be covered by fixed fee agreements.

Legal visits

  • We quote your costs when on bail to include work on bail by Zoom or at our office. If you are subsequently in custody, then the fixed fee will not include travel time/waiting to legal visits and costs of travel.

Site visits

  • Our fixed fee will not include doing work outside of our office (Unless stated Otherwise).

Solicitors or clerk attending court.

  • Sometimes as the case develops your barrister may request that they are supported at the trial by a solicitor or legal clerk to take a full note of advice, evidence, and the court proceedings or to assist you or your witnesses at court. If this arises then you will have to pay for this at a daily rate or fixed fees to be agreed for the duration of trial plus any other expenses such as travel and or hotel.

Appeal stage

  • Advice on appeal.
  • Preparation and representation for appeal.


  • These costs are additional, and we will quote them in advance or where not possible to quote in advance, we will incur reasonable costs and charge you. Barristers are specialist advocates normally instructed by solicitors to advance legal arguments at court or draft documents/ prepare specialist opinion and advice.

Reports/experts/interpreters/court fees and other costs

  • The fees quotes will cover our fees to undertake work. They will not cover the costs of experts and reports. The costs of interpreters or translations are not covered. Other costs are not covered and will be advised.

Travel and hotel fares

  • These costs are not included and additional. We will charge these in addition for your case where required.

Defendant’s costs order

  • If you are acquitted and have applied for and been refused Legal Aid the Court may order that there, be a contribution towards your costs see our private terms document. We will arrange for an external Costs Draftsman to draw your bill of costs and conduct the process with our input ( see further costs in private terms).


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