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What happens at Crown Court?

  • Posted

In England and Wales, serious criminal law matters will proceed to the Crown Court for trial. While cases will usually begin in the Magistrates’ Court, they will be passed on to the Crown Court where the matter at hand requires a trial by jury. ...

What is the computer misuse act?

  • Posted

In the UK, there are various laws in place which are designed to regulate the safe and proper use of computer systems. Many of these laws fall under the umbrella of the Computer Misuse Act 1990. The Computer Misuse Act is wide in scope and is not...

Historic Sexual Offences Guide

  • Posted

Over the past twenty years there has been a significant growth in the prosecution of individuals for historic sexual offences. The publicity surrounding the alleged scandals of ‘cover up’ in care institutions and schools has fuelled an increase...

What are the threats to kill sentencing guidelines?

  • Posted

Making a threat to kill is a very serious offence. Even if a threat is not met with any physical violence, it could still lead to very harsh penalties being handed out to anyone who is convicted. Threatening behaviour of any description can cause...

What happens at the Magistrates' Court?

  • Posted

In England and Wales, all criminal law cases will begin in the Magistrates’ Court. This means that if you have been charged with an offence, your first court appearance will always be in the Magistrates’ Court no matter what your case relates to....

The UK's Top 5 Summer Crimes

  • Posted

We know there are seasonal effects on crime, but which crimes are particularly prevalent in the summer months? Find out what exactly you need to be vigilant about this summer based on 10 years of police data… A study by researchers at JD Spicer Zeb...

What do the police do with evidence from digital devices and what are the legal defences?

  • Posted

Evidence from digital devices such as phones, tablets and laptops is becoming more important than ever for criminal investigations and prosecutions. If you have been arrested, are under investigation or are facing charges, it is essential to understand how...

Possession with Intent to Supply Class As First Offence: What to Expect

  • Posted

If you are found to be in possession of drugs, and it is suspected that you are holding them to pass on to another person, you could face a conviction of possession with intent to supply. As you might expect, the class of drug that is found in your...

What is the sentence for aggravated burglary?

  • Posted

Facing an allegation of aggravated burglary can be incredibly distressing, particularly as the potential sentences for the offence can be extremely serious. No matter what the surrounding circumstances may be, if you are accused of committing aggravated...

What is the sentence for assault?

  • Posted

As you may expect, sentences for assault can be very harsh. However, they can also vary significantly depending on a wide range of factors, including the exact offence someone is charged with. Assault can cover various actions, ranging from simply using...

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