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How to Find the Best Criminal Lawyer

  • Posted

If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offence or is under investigation, the situation may initially appear overwhelming. But you should know that having an expert criminal defence lawyer on your side is the best way of securing a...

What are the Sentencing Guidelines for GBH?

  • Posted

Facing a conviction or allegation of grievous bodily harm (GBH) can be incredibly distressing, especially as this offence can carry significant penalties for anyone who is found guilty. GBH is classed as ‘really serious’ bodily harm that is the...

What is a Making Indecent Images Offence?

  • Posted

While the potential sentences for indecent image offences are serious across the board, the most severe punishments relate to making indecent images. That being said, there is often some confusion over what actually constitutes ‘making’ an...

What are Pseudo Photos & Images?

  • Posted

Most people are well aware that possessing, distributing and producing indecent images of children is illegal and can carry significant penalties for anyone who is found guilty of such an offence. However, many people do not also realise that the law on...

Can You Go to Jail for Talking to a Minor Online in the UK?

  • Posted

The law on having sexual relations with anyone under the age of 16 is very clear cut, with most people being well aware that the act is illegal, regardless of whether consent is provided. However, when it comes to speaking to a minor online, the law can...

What Evidence Does The CPS Need To Charge Someone?

  • Posted

If you have been arrested, you will understandably be concerned about what will happen next and how your case may unfold. Regardless of the nature of the offence you have been arrested for, you will also likely have questions over the sort of evidence that...

What Is a Duty Solicitor, and Are They Any Good?

  • Posted

No matter what your circumstances may be or what criminal offence you may be accused of, you will always be entitled to receive legal representation. This can come in the form of representation from a private criminal defence solicitor of your choice or a...

What is Digital Penetration?

  • Posted

Assault by penetration and, by extension, digital penetration are very serious sexual offences which carry significant penalties. This means that the prospect of facing a digital penetration charge, including digital penetration of a minor, is understandably...

What Are the Sentencing Guidelines for Sexual Assault?

  • Posted

Facing a conviction or allegation of sexual assault can be incredibly distressing, especially as sexual assault charges can be severe for specific offences. Sexual assault covers a wide range of offences, which means that the potential sentences someone...

Is Viewing Illegal Pornography the Same as Possessing It?

  • Posted

In the UK, it is illegal for anyone to produce, possess or distribute illegal pornography or indecent images. However, there is understandably some confusion as to whether ‘viewing’ this type of content is the same as ‘possessing’ it....

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