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No Further Action Common Assault Wood Green Police Station - 2024

No further action was taken following an allegation of common assault at Wood Green Police Station.

It was alleged that our client assaulted a relative. The alleged victim was not willing to provide a statement on this occasion, however, the alleged victim had made several previous reports of domestic assault prior to this incident. During the consultation, our client put forward that he did not commit the alleged assault.

The offence of common assault involves an act by which a person intentionally or recklessly causes another to suffer or apprehend immediate unlawful violence as stated in S.39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. For our client to have been charged with common assault, the police would need to demonstrate a realistic prospect of convicting our client for this offence.

The defences of self-defence and consent are applicable to this offence however these were not relevant in this matter. In this case, our client denied all the allegations made against him.

When attending Wood Green Police Station, we advised on the evidence available alongside our client’s account. Overall, we advised our client to answer ‘no comment’ to the questions from the police in interview as based on the evidence we were dubious of the police’s ability to prove our client had committed this offence. As a result of our advice, the police decided to take ‘no further action’ on the allegation.

Our expert lawyer was able to assess the evidence available at the time alongside our client’s account and provide the best advice for the interview. The advice given to answer ‘no comment’ to police questions allowed the client to prevent self-incrimination and to put the offence to the police to prove. This advice resulted in the police taking no further action and prevented the matter from going to court.

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