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Current Vacancies

Operate DPS Cashier

Daily tasks:

  • Check bank balances Barclays.net)
  • Client account posting on ledger
  • Supplier invoices collection in readiness to send payment  every Thursday.
  • Allocate  disbursements for payment on Thursday
  • Posting  routine entries i.e. supplier, bills from LAA, Private client invoices etc.
  • Checking  private invoices raised  ,calculation, vat, disbursements, narration, file number.
  • Check emails and respond .
  • Take ad hoc  payments received  through card or online or cash and reconcile card entries with bank statement on day to day basis.
  • Deposit cash, cheque
  • Filing routine paperwork,
  • Collect incoming post and deal with.

Weekly task:

  • Client and office  account  reconciliation
  • LAA remittance for the three  offices: monies generally received  every Monday in office account. Collect remittance and pay disbursements on timely basis.
  • Chase disbursement invoices from fee earner/billing clerk
  • Go through all office account entries.
  • Payment from client and office account generally every Thursday
  • Bank reconciliation

Monthly task:

  • Sage payroll: Monthly wages on last Thursday but need to be set everything by Tuesday and make ready and send it before 5.00 pm for three days payment . Overtime calculation, furlough calculation, SSP, deduction calculation,
  • Pension calculation to Scottish Life.
  • Furlough submission
  • Childcare voucher request
  • FPS submission, monthly return with EPS and P32 to pay PAYE with HMRC
  • Claim any SSP, SPP
  • Payslip distribution
  • Partners PAYE for our companies (-submit FPS with HMRC.
  • Overtime request a week before wages
  • Check and pay  suppliers invoices / statements monthly like Phone, Internet, Stationary, Postage, Lease cars, cleaning, computer exp, parking invoice etc…
  • Monthly management report (Profit cost, P and L)
  • Three-way client account reconciliation (including all three designated account and Lloyds client account). Client account must be signed by a senior partner.
  • Reconciliation of Office account, Step-saver Barclays account and Lloyds Office account.
  • CDS entries which generally happened after 20th of each month
  • Sort out travel entries which relate to CDS-6
  • Reconcile monthly CDS and CMRF figures with amount received.
  • Fill compliance caddy on DG Legal website.

Quarterly task:

  • VAT (Our VAT quarters are Feb-Apr, May-July, Aug-Oct and Nov-Jan) which are due on 07th June, 7th of Sept, 7th of Dec and 7th of March respectively.
  • Quarterly cashflow variance
  • Management report when partners needed
  • Year-end entries, deal with audit (generally in May or June every month), close account and necessary record keeping for year-end procedure.

Please send CV and covering letter to Umar Zeb or 140 Kilburn High Rd. Kilburn, London NW6 4JD.

Tel: 020 7624 7771

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