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When it comes to a divorce or separation, there is no doubt that it can be one of the most worrying, stressful and challenging times you will face in your life. You may be worried about who will be responsible for your children, what will happen to your home and how your assets will be divided.

Understandably, emotions will run high and tensions increase which can escalate any disagreements between you and your ex into protracted and costly court battles.

Whatever the nature of your family dispute, our expert team of divorce lawyers are on hand and ready to represent and assist you on a wide range of divorce and separation issues.

With our expert advice and guidance throughout your case, you can be confident that we will secure the best resolution for you and your family, going forward.

Are you looking for specialist divorce solicitors?

We know that getting divorced can be one of the most devastating and significant upheavals you can experience, that is why you need the experienced divorce solicitors on your side to give you the tailored and high quality advice and most effective divorce advice, right from the outset.

JD Spicer Zeb’s specialist divorce lawyers, based in London encompass a dedicated legal team with extensive divorce law experience and expertise. Our divorce lawyers have earned an enviable reputation and excellent track record of success in helping individuals reach positive resolutions to their divorce cases.

So, whether you are looking for legal representation, advice for an impending divorce or a judicial separation, you can rely on us to help you secure a positive result with minimal time, cost and distress.

Why choose JD Spicer Zeb’s Divorce solicitors?

We have been helping people, for many years, through the divorce and separation process to achieve a positive outcome. We fully understand the complex and highly sensitive issues that can arise when a relationship breaks down and aim to help you resolve your legal matter with compassion and efficiency. 

We seek to apply a holistic approach to your individual problem, taking the time to listen to you, understand your circumstances and consider the many other issues that might arise from the breakdown of your relationship, before advising you of your rights, options and possible ways forward.

Our divorce solicitors will ensure that you are assisted in obtaining a resolution to your difficulties in a way that keeps your stress and costs to a minimum whilst securing a quick resolution that best reflects your needs and those of your family.

What type of cases do JD Spicer Zeb’s divorce solicitors take on?

Our legal team is here to represent you in all matters related to your relationship breakdown, whether this involves divorce, separation, cohabitation disputes or financial matters.

We are firmly committed to delivering excellence in our services by providing amiable, efficient and cost-effective solutions with a high level of client care.

We can help you with:

  • Divorce
  • Judicial Separation
  • Financial Matters
  • Cohabitation Issues
  • International Issues including Forced Marriages, Cross-border Disputes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Post-Nuptial Agreements

We can advise you of alternative dispute resolutions, including mediation.

Contact our specialist divorce solicitors today

For specialist advice or representation in divorce, separation and matrimonial matters, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of divorce solicitors in London on telephone:

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