Assault emergency worker - Not charged community resolution 2022

We acted on an enhanced private basis for an education professional who was arrested following dangerous and erratic behavior in public which led to police being called. He had assaulted two paramedics whilst heavily intoxicated in hospital. The incident resulted following a night out. The case against our client was overwhelming and if charged would have undoubtedly resulted in a conviction at Court and a risk of a custodial sentence. We met with our client ahead of the police interview and prepared the case thoroughly. We met with our client in advance right away and then in-person to put together a written package of mitigation and representations in an attempt to persuade the police not to proceed. We demonstrated our client's genuine remorse. We were able to persuade the police that the best course of action was for the matter to be diverted away from court and be dealt with by way of a community resolution. This was an excellent outcome which our client was delighted to accept.

Our private client team is able to secure the best outcomes with first-class preparation.

A conviction or caution would have potentially ruined our client’s career.