Conviction Appeal Exposure Quashed - Harrow Crown 2021

Our clients Conviction for indecent exposure was quashed. He was convicted of indecent exposure at Willesden Brent court.

Umar Zeb Senior Partner instructed Barrister Lady-Gené Waszkewitz of 25 Bedford Row and she represented the appellant. He was convicted of indecent exposure having urinated in a park in the vicinity of children. The appellant relied in his appeal on the size of his appendage. The officers giving evidence saw the appellant's penis on three occasions. Our client showed the size of his penis to officers in the back of the van and in an interview to explain the mistaken understanding of the situation. While they disagreed about what actions the appellant was performing, both agreed that the appellant was very well endowed; and one agreed that the appellant's penis was indeed so large that it could, in its flaccid state, have been mistaken for being erect when they saw him urinating. There had been no intention by our client to show his penis to others. He had developed bladder issues during the lockdown and could not see a doctor. He had no choice but to urinate in the park. Thorough preparation and determination by this firm allowed the convicted client to clear his name. Our client said, " A huge weight that was making me very depressed has been lifted off my shoulders as a result of the way I was treated by police in taking the case to court."