Dual Stun Gun & Blade knife - Magistrates Court Fine only 2021

2 knives charges were dropped by the CPS with our professional efforts.

We represented a private client businessman charged with having possession of 3 knives and also having a dual stun gun and CS spray. We took detailed instructions from our client and prepared written representations for the CPS making submissions to drop the case. We were able to persuade the CPS to drop 2 knives charges. We were able to argue a reasonable excuse. We were able to unusually persuade the CPS lawyer to have a counsel to counsel meeting pre-first court appearance before the court date to discuss a basis of plea and plea bargain. We secured the instruction of one of the leading criminal law Queens' Counsel QC Barristers in the UK. Our QC was able to reduce with a first-class mitigation bundle the sentence combined from a position of a custodial sentence to just a fine only. Our client was delighted with the result and our QC stated "The Bench was provided with a meticulously presented mitigation bundle . A lot of hard work put in to ensure their client got the best possible result".

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