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Not Guilty Attempted Murder - Harrow Crown Court 2023

Our client was charged with pre-meditated attempted murder and other offences, he was acquitted of all charges. The defendant was said to be the informer and spotter for a gang shooting in Tottenham. The Prosecution alleged that he went to lie in wait several hours before the shooting, and was then responsible for alerting gang members as to the presence of a rival gang within their territory. CCTV showed the defendant interacting with those ultimately responsible for the shooting just minutes before it occurred. It then showed him return to the scene of the shooting minutes later.  

With outstanding support from our team, trial counsel was able to exclude any suggestion of gang membership in respect of the defendant, and ultimately put forward a very strong case that the defendant’s presence and actions on the day in question were nothing to do with the shooting, but instead related to a music video that he was making. The Prosecution’s case theory was so severely undermined that the defendant was found not guilty of all four charges against him.  


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