Successful Appeal ABH Harrow Crown Court - 2021

Our pursuit for an appeal was successful. A district judge at Brent magistrates court convicted our client of racially aggravated ABH and common assault on two victims. Our client was forced to use minimal force to prevent a late-night assault upon her by the alleged victims which resulted in injury to to one of the other parties. The alleged victim of the ABH pursued and knocked our client out with a single blow to the face afterward. Her partner called the police as did at least one other party as a result of the attack on our client. Our client was arrested and taken to the police station, further subsequently taken to hospital. She had a duty solicitor before our involvement. She was charged to appear at court. We were appointed late in the case by the court to prevent our client from cross-examining the complainants. The district judge rejected the argument of preemptive strike self defence. Our client was convicted of all offences. She was sent to the Crown Court for sentence. The likely penalty was in the region of in excess of 12 months immediate custody. Senior Partner, Umar Zeb and team fought vigorously to obtain ring doorbell footage which they believed showed the knock-out punch received by our client from the alleged victim post the use of force on him in self defence by our client. We obtained medical evidence of our clients injury and ring doorbell footage by pursuing enquiries tirelessly. This evidence was previously not disclosed by the CPS and dismissed as irrelevant. Senior partner Umar Zeb and team felt that this grave injustice could not continue and we worked on the case significantly whilst unfunded for free to ensure justice. We pressurised the prosecution not to proceed with the case by making submissions and they accepted our case. Our client was ecstatic with the result and the fact that justice albeit delayed was served. Umar Zeb commented, " I am delighted with this result and the efforts of our team especially Dan Santos- Costa and James O'Donnell to secure justice ".