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Dropped Assault after Charged to Cardiff Magistrates court 2022

Our client self represented himself at a police station in Cardiff. He intervened in a drunken incident involving his friends, during which a member of the railway security officer was assaulted by an elbow to the chest. He was charged to attend court and we were instructed to act on behalf of our client. We made strong written representations to the CPS to drop the case or offer an out of court disposal such as a community resolution. We arranged for our client to make a credible written apology to the matter. The CPS, police and youth offending team were emailed and called almost 100 times by us to ensure we obtained the result for our client. We faced a barrier from the police who objected to the disposal. After repeated efforts daily we obtained the out of court community resolution. The court recognised our clients efforts to resolve the matter and awarded him a defence costs order so that he is abe to recover some of his defence legal costs.

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