Fail provide specimen - dropped - London court - 2021

Our client was charged and appeared at City of Westminister court charged with failing to provide a specimen of breath following an accident and alleged drink-driving.

We represented our client  after charge and established that he was suffering from an episode of coughing. This prevented him from blowing into the drink drive reading machine and amounted to a failure to provide in law. The police did not accept our client's version of his illness and suspected Covid symptoms and charged him to attend court. We were able to gather evidence in support of our client's case. It was clear that our client may have been suffering from Covid or related symptoms. We persisted with obtaining vital disclosure from the prosecution. The prosecution decided to discontinue the proceedings bearing in mind our client's strong defence. Had our client been convicted he would have undoubtedly received a lengthy disqualification. He was able to keep his driving licence and continue in his employment. 

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