Not Guilty Rape - Harrow Crown Court 2022

Our client was acquitted by a jury at Harrow crown court following a false allegation. He was charged with an allegation of stranger rape. Our client admitted to dealing drugs to the complainant, who he had met for the first time earlier that day.  He denied rape and claimed that he had consensual sex with the complainant. We identified huge inconsistencies in the complainant’s account. We identified that the complainant walked past a local police station which was open, and this was after the alleged attack. We identified that the complainant called our client an hour after sex to see how he was doing and have a conversation. We engaged an excellent barrister who carried out thorough cross examination. The jury took around two hours to unanimously acquit our client. The starting point sentence would have been 8 years. Our client was delighted with the outcome and is rebuilding his life. 

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