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Not Guilty S18 GBH Willesden Magistrates Court 2023

The Prosecution’s case against our client was that alongside another they attended an organised fight which resulted in our client stabbing the complainant with a knife. Our client was allegedly identified via CCTV footage as being present at the scene and following their arrest was identified by the complainant as the person who had stabbed him.

Our team, alongside instructed counsel, worked tirelessly on the case in order to obtain all evidence relating to the incident. The Crown Prosecution Service repeatedly failed to disclose evidence throughout the proceedings and 2 days prior to trial requested an adjournment as the complainant was not in the country. The solicitor dealing with this case opposed the application and following a hearing on the first day of trial the District Judge refused the CPS application to adjourn. The CPS had no option but to offer no evidence with respect to all charges whereby the case was dismissed and our client was found not guilty. 

Thanks to our efforts the client is able to go back to living a normal life and focus on his education, he remains a person of good character and has all opportunities to succeed in later life without the worry of any criminal conviction. Should the client have been found guilty he would have received a Youth Detention Order given the severity of the offences.



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