R V P K 2018 - Assault Policex 3 - Not guilty

Senior partner Umar Zeb represented a client kept in custody by the court for assault charges against officers prior to our involvement in the case.

Our client was arrested late night at home by police for another unrelated offence which was subsequently dropped. It was said by police that he violently assaulted them upon arrest and resisted. We were only instructed to conduct the cross-examination of the police officers on the actual day of the trial by the court as our client was unrepresented. Although we were instructed only that morning as a direct result of our lawyers many years of experience he conducted fearless cross-examination of the police officers which ultimately led to them being discredited and our client's evidence being accepted. Our client was acquitted of all three assault charges. Had our client not been represented at this stage in the proceedings he would almost certainly have been convicted of the offences and received a lengthy prison sentence. We are advised that our client is now seeking a substantial compensation claim against officers through his civil solicitors.

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