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Caution Fraud & Theft after Charged City of London Court - 2022

Our client was arrested and charged with theft and Fraud pre Covid lockdown 2020.

She found a chequebook and paid large sums to her own account. This occurred at a time our client was facing poor mental health. She left the UK post Covid in 2020.The police summonsed her to attend court. She failed to attend court and a warrant not backed for bail was issued by the court for her arrest. Our private client team were instructed to persuade the CPS to offer a caution at this late stage in the proceedings. We advised our client that this was a very uphill struggle at this stage. We prepared detailed mitigation and strong written representations to persuade the CPS to offer a caution to our client. The CPS were contacted over 150 times by us over months to progress the case. The CPS agreed a caution after consideration of our written representations. Our client remained abroad and we arranged for the caution to be given to our client by Zoom from Europe. Our client kept her job by not travelling to the UK and saved hotel and travel fares. The City of London police had never issued a caution remotely and were not aware of any other large forces doing so remotely. We were able to remind the police that a simple police caution is not created by statute and that there were no laws preventing the issuing of a caution in this manner. 

The warrant was withdrawn by the court and the matter concluded as a caution. Our client was able to avoid a conviction at court.

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