Drunk in charge of vehicle dropped by CPS - 2021 Willesden Court

Our client was stopped outside his house by the police on his shared car parking during lockdown. He was having a quiet drink with his friend as the pubs were closed and his friend could not go into his house due to restrictions. 

Territorial support group offices spotted the vehicle late at night and conducted a search. Our client was arrested for drink-driving offences and drunk in charge of his vehicle. There was no likelihood of him driving until he was fully sober. Officers did not listen to him and he was taken to the station and charged. Our client chose us on recommendation from his friend and we represented our client at court and he entered a not guilty plea. We argued the statutory defence under the law where it was clear on all the facts that our client has had no intention to drive. We prepared for trial and obtained an expert report which confirmed our client's history of alcohol consumption. The expert supported our defence that our client was unlikely to be intoxicated by the time he next intended to drive. We made strong written representations on behalf of our client to the CPS in writing. As a result of the strong written arguments and representation made by us the prosecution dropped the case and did not prosecute. Our client will now receive some of his legal costs back and he avoided the risk of having to go to trial and costs. He maintains his good character and job.

Excellent work by our drink-drive team of lawyers. 

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