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No Further Action Rape Leyton Police Station 2024

Our client was interviewed by the Police at Leyton Police Station at length concerning false rape and violence allegations against a female he met online. 

Our client strongly denied the allegations against him. We advised him to make a full no comment interview to put forward his clear and strong defence to all the charges that he faced at Leyton Police Station. 

We met with our client in advance of the Police Station attendance at Leyton Police Station to provide our client with advice concerning his rights and entitlements at a Voluntary Police Interview and in the event of being detained by the Police.

Our client had 3 interview strategies to choose from at Leyton Police Station - 

  • No comment interview
  • Commented Interview 
  • Prepared Statement 

Our advice in this particular case at Leyton Police Station given the extent and seriousness of the case was to register his defence to the allegations to enable the Police at Leyton to assess the strength of our client's defence and allow them to take

" NFA " No Further Action.

Sometimes it is good advice to make no-comment interviews but we see all too often clients being advised to give a no-comment interview when they should comment and deny the allegations in the interview. Failing to answer questions when facing serious allegations can lead to charges to attend court and also adverse inferences being drawn at court. A court can draw an inference from failure to mention when questioned facts that you later rely on in your defence. 



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