Not Guilty Racial assault Willesden Court 2022

We acted for a man accused of racially aggravated assault by beating on a Vicar in a road rage incident. The complainant gave evidence and was cross examined by Senior Partner Umar Zeb, who was able to identify sufficient inconsistencies in the complainants account. The account was different on the 999 call and the police statement. Upon cross examination the account changed further. The magistrates found our client not guilty of all charges. Our client was prevented from cross examining the complainant and was not funded privately or on legal aid. Our funding was restricted to only carrying out cross examination of the complainant. Umar Zeb remained on a free pro bono basis for several hours to conclude the case. Excellent representation makes a huge difference to the outcome. The starting point on conviction was in the region of 6 to 12 month after trial. Our client was delighted with the outcome to the case.

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