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Not Guilty Rape x 3 Luton Crown Court 2024

Barry Linnane, instructing Jennifer Dannhauser of 5 Paper Buildings, secures acquittal of client charged with three counts of rape. The defendant was 16 years old at the time of the alleged incident but as a result of delays in bringing the case to court, he had turned 18 by the time of trial. He faced a very strong Prosecution case comprising of the complainant, seven of her friends who professed to give eye witness accounts of the rape and two independent witnesses from nearby buildings who also gave evidence about what they heard and saw. Following a two week trial involving detailed cross examination of all these witnesses, the defendant was found not guilty of all charges.  The client’s defence was that all the sexual activity that took place was entirely consensual. There were three allegations of rape and very detailed instructions needed to be taken to prepare the client’s defence. The defendant was young and vulnerable and particular care had to be taken in taking those instructions. There was added pressure as cross examination of the complainant took place well in advance of the trial and was video recorded.



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