R v A Y - 2016 Not Guilty - Att GBH wounding police S18

We acted at the Crown Court after our client was charged with attempted GBH on a police officer. The police officer had accused our client of trying to strangle her. He denied the offence and maintained that he was in fact being assaulted by the officer. The police officer and her colleague had given statements accusing our client of running away and when apprehended he then assaulted both of the officers and tried to strangle one. The prosecution relied on CCTV evidence that they claimed showed that our client was guilty.We obtained medical evidence to show that our client had a serious leg injury at the time and was recovering from an operation and that it would be impossible for him to behave in the manner which the police described.

We then arranged for the CCTV to be enhanced and the clearer version showed a very different story to the one that the police officers had given. It showed our client standing stationary surrendering to the police and clearly pointing to his leg and informing them of his injury. One of the officers was then seen to ignore the defendant and grabbing him and trying to perform a judo throw on him which resulted in them both falling to the fall and our client suffering further injury to his leg. It also showed that at no time did our client try and strangle the officer.

we secured bail during the case and our client was acquitted at trial of all the charges against him.  This case showed how vital preparation of a client’s case is before it reaches trial in order to prove the innocence of our clients.

Senior Lawyer Andrew Stewart from the firm represented with Tim Banks from 15 New Bridge Street Chambers.


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