Drug supply dropped - Caution possesion 2021

Possession with Intent to Supply Class C – Caution negotiated at the police station.

We were instructed on a Private basis by parents to represent a 19-year-old male who was to be interviewed for possession of class C drugs with intent to supply. He had been represented on a legal aid basis by another firm but the case had no progress. He had been stopped at a festival in possession of over 200 tablets of class C along with some class A and B. His mobile phone download contained messages indicative of drug supply. The case was very strong and warranted prosecution. A custodial sentence was a risk. We provided detailed representations with supporting mitigation ahead of the interview which assisted in convincing the police to deal with this matter by way of an out-of-court disposal namely a caution. We drafted a Prepared Statement on behalf of our client ahead of the police station attendance. Our client received a simple caution for possessing the class C drugs only. No further action was taken in relation to possession with intent to supply class C, and possession of class A and B.


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