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No Further Action Doctor Rape Police Station 2024

The police took no further action against our client following his arrest for Rape of a colleague Doctor.

Our client was questioned by the police following a rape allegation made by a colleague arising at work. It was alleged by the police that our client a senior National Health Service doctor attended his workplace on a non-working day and sexually assaulted his colleague. Our client’s account was that he did attend the workplace on his day off to have consensual sex with a colleague. His colleagues wished to have an ongoing affair with our client after their short affair and our client rejected this.

The complainant created an elaborate version which implicated our client. We were able to see our client rapidly on a private basis and took detailed instructions to establish his innocence and his version. We subsequently attended the police station with our client and advised him to give a full comment interview to avoid adverse inferences being drawn against him should the matter proceed further. We were able to identify key discrepancies and inconsistencies in the complainant's account. We put these inconsistencies which emphasised the exchange of messages between the parties to the police who quickly decided to take no further action against our client. This advice to our client led to the Police requesting the complainants mobile phone analysis from her which revealed the evidence in support of our client’s defence and assertions.

Our senior expert lawyer was able to identify evidence that independently supported our client’s case and would allow the police to make a swift decision to take no further action.

We represent clients at the Police Station on a 24-Hour basis 7 days a week. We have experts dealing with all types of offences and sexual offences. We are highly regarded as leading, and specialist sexual offence defence solicitors having achieved many successful outcomes.

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