R v DB 2019 - NOT GUILTY section 18 Stabbing - wounding with intent

ACQUITTED - Specialist Crime lawyer James O'Donnell acted for a Grime music artist and another who were alleged to have stabbed the victim after an altercation at a house party in NW London. The victim was seriously injured. The allegation was that 5 males attacked the victim. Our client was identified from his Instagram page.

The crown relied heavily upon ID evidence, evidence from social media (Instagram) and telephone cell site data. As part of his client’s defence James carefully analysed the phone evidence and instructed his own cell site expert and was successfully able to challenge the Prosecution expert. A conviction would have undoubtedly led to a long prison term and the end of our clients grime music career.  As a result of excellent preparation by our team and a first-class choice of barrister by us, our client was found not guilty unanimously after trial.


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