No Further Action - Possession of a Controlled Drug Class A - 2022

We acted for a client who, when stopped and searched in the street, was found to in possession of what they thought was a Class A drug. Due to their inebriated state at the time of the stop and search they were not able to get the contact details of the Officer in the case. Our client did not know the correct location which bordered three police force areas ( BTP, City and MET).

The officer took the clients name down incorrectly and he could not trace the client. The client requested our services with great urgency on Monday evening as they were due to go to their home country that Friday and not return for one year. Through swift investigative work by Umar Zeb, Partner and Sam Pryor, Paralegal, we were able to track down the Officer in Charge within 24 hours to ascertain the result for our client. We had to send scores of emails and made multiple calls to achieve our clients aim.

We informed the client, much to their delight, that the Police were taking no further action. Thanks to our quick and decisive proactive work we were able to secure a great result for our client.  Had we not arranged all of this our client would have flown home and potentially had a warrant for his arrest, this would have caused them to lose their highly successful job in the Finance industry.


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