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Have you been arrested and released under investigation for conspiracy to supply class A drugs? Are you charged with conspiracy to commit robbery? Have you been interviewed about an allegation of conspiracy to defraud HM Revenue and Customs?

A Criminal Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a particular crime. The law is that if you make such an agreement, intending that it be carried out, then you and everyone you agreed with are guilty of the crime you agreed to carry out. Those involved in the alleged conspiracy can have particular roles. For example, in a drugs conspiracy you would have drugs runners, couriers, managers and others. To be guilty, you need to have agreed to play some part in carrying out what was intended.

Whatever the nature of the alleged conspiracy, our expert criminal law solicitors are ready to help defend you and protect your rights and interests, when you need them most.

We understand the complex nature of these cases and the various types of evidence police and prosecutors rely on, so we can provide the best possible defence, making sure any flaws in the evidence against you are quickly identified and successfully exploited.

So, whether you are being accused of being part of a conspiracy, have been arrested, charged or released on bail or under investigation, it is important that you get in touch with our specialist conspiracy defence solicitors as soon as possible.

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Are you looking for specialised conspiracy defence solicitors?

As all conspiracies are ‘indictable only’ offences, your case will be heard at the Crown Court, with a high chance that you could be given a prison sentence if convicted. Therefore, it is imperative you seek the quality legal representation from the start of your case to give you the greatest chance of a favourable outcome.

At JD Spicer Zeb, our specialist solicitors deal with conspiracy allegations on a regular basis, having represented clients successfully in all manner of cases, whether at a police station or in Court.

Our expert conspiracy lawyers at JD Spicer Zeb are ready and waiting to help you, protect your rights and secure a positive result.

Why choose JD Spicer Zeb’s conspiracy law solicitors?

Our conspiracy solicitors are able to provide 24-hour legal advice, ranging from police station assistance to trials at Crown Courts across the country.

Legal representation for conspiracies can be funded by legal aid and we would be happy to establish if your legal matter can be funded through Legal Aid.

We are also highly experienced in dealing with the wide range of evidence typically involved in conspiracy allegations and are well connected to experts who can advise on fingerprints, telephone and cell site evidence, financial records and more. Our team can therefore ensure you have the strongest possible case and any flaws in the case against you are exposed.

Our expertise with conspiracy offences

Conspiracy to defraud

Conspiracy to defraud is a common law offence, so it is not defined in any current Act of Parliament. It involves an agreement, between two or more people, either to dishonestly deprive someone of their property or something they would normally be entitled to, or to deceive someone into acting against a duty they owe to their employers or clients.

Actions that might be considered part of a conspiracy to defraud include renting premises and taking other steps to create a fake business. Even though these actions may not in and of themselves be against the law, if they contribute to a plan, for example, whereby customers are defrauded of money, you could still be charged with conspiracy.

Conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm

Conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm involves two or more people planning to assault someone with the intention to cause them really serious injury. Those accused of the offence do not need to have been directly involved in carrying out the attack in order to face charges.

Actions that could be considered contributing to an offence of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm include ordering others to carry out an attack, providing transportation to or from the place where the attack takes place or is intended to take place, and supplying weapons or other items to be used in the attack.

Conspiracy to commit theft

Theft covers a number of offences involving the offender or offenders dishonestly taking another’s property with the intention to permanently deprive the legitimate owner of that property. Conspiracy to commit theft can cover any action or agreement to act that contributes to an offence of theft.

Examples of actions that could potentially see you charged with conspiracy to commit theft include providing tools or other materials to be used in the offence and transporting the offender or the stolen property.

Conspiracy to commit robbery

Robbery involves stealing property from someone at a time, or shortly after a time, when force was used, or that person was put in fear of force being used.

Conspiracy to commit robbery charges might be charged where two or more people planned a course of action that would involve a robbery taking place, even if not all of the conspirators were intending to directly take part in the robbery. Supplying a weapon or face mask for the robber, driving them to or from the site of the planned robbery and various other contributory actions could all potentially result in a conspiracy charge.

Conspiracy to commit burglary

Burglary involves an offender entering a building or part of a building without permission to steal, inflict Grievous Bodily Harm or commit unlawful damage. Conspiracy to commit burglary, therefore, is where two or more people are accused of working together to plan a course of action that involves burglary.

Actions that could see you charged with conspiracy to commit burglary could include supplying materials for use in a burglary, providing transportation and handling stolen goods taken during a burglary.

Conspiracy to rape

Where two or more people are accused of planning to rape someone, they can be charged with conspiracy even if the rape never takes place. Being involved in a conspiracy to rape could involve a range of actions, such as providing a room or other location for the offence, supplying ‘date rape’ drugs or providing transportation.

Rape charges typically hinge on a range of evidence, including DNA evidence and digital evidence, such as mobile phone records, and establishing consent or the absence of consent on the part of the alleged victim.

Conspiracy to pervert the course justice

Conspiring with another to pervert the course of justice is a criminal offence. This might involve actions such as asking someone to fabricate or dispose of evidence, or to intimidate or threaten people involved with a case, such as witnesses, the jury or the judge.

The agreed actions do not need to take place in order for you to be charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice as the act of making the agreement is, in and of itself, a criminal offence.

Conspiracy to murder

Conspiracy to murder is a specific offence under the Criminal Law Act 1977 that involves two or more people agreeing to kill another person. It is possible to be charged with conspiracy to murder even if the killing is never carried out as simply agreeing that a person be killed is sufficient, providing that was the intended outcome.

You can also be charged even if you do not directly take part or intend to take part in an offence e.g. if you agree to supply a weapon or drive someone to the place where the murder is intended to take place.

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